About Us

About Us

Legal Express (also known as We The People) is the affordable alternative to the high cost of hourly attorney fees. We help people represent themselves in common legal matters like Divorce, Wills, Probate, Living Trust, Incorporation and over 100 others. We make it simple and inexpensive to complete your legal documents for a fraction of the fees attorneys charge. 

No appointment is ever needed. Just call or drop by our office and we’ll discuss your situation. You’ll complete a simple questionnaire that we will use to prepare the appropriate court document you’ve requested, in just a few days in most cases. We can even help you get the documents filed with the court. If your matter requires legal advice we will refer you to an attorney free of charge.

How much can you save? Depends on the type of case, but a typical example is a Divorce that would cost between $3,000 and $5,000 (or more) can be completed for just $399 plus court filing fees. A Living Trust that attorneys typically charge $2,500 for can be completed for $499 including all Power of Attorneys and Notary services. 

According to the Judicial Council of California, over 4.3 million court users in California are self-represented. In the largest counties in California, 72% of the Family Law cases are filed in pro per (which means, without a lawyer), and the rate is growing every year. Clearly, this is a growing trend; however, there are some important precautions you should be aware of:

1) In California, only registered and bonded Legal Document Assistants (or LDA’s) are authorized to provide legal document assistance to the public. How do you know if a non-attorney is operating legally? By law, they must list their LDA registration number and County in any advertisement or on any material they distribute. You can also ask to see his/her photo ID card.

2) California law requires registered LDA’s to present a state approved “contract for service” which includes important statements about what the LDA can and can’t do. If you are not asked to review and sign this document, do not give them any money for service.

3) Registered LDA’s cannot give you legal advice. That means they cannot tell you what you should or shouldn’t do and they cannot select forms for you. For example, an LDA can explain the various differences between a Will and a Living Trust – but they cannot tell you which one is right for you. If a document preparer is telling you what you should do, they are likely engaging in the unlicensed practice of law (UPL). 

4) Insurance: Is the preparer insured? Ask them if they carry Errors and Omissions insurance. The better ones do.

5) Check the Better Business Bureau website at www.la.bbb.org and search for the business. You’ll find out how they handle complaints or disputes and what their current BBB rating is.

Legal Express is registered, bonded and insured with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are the area’s largest legal document preparation company. We’ve helped thousands of AV families save money on their uncontested legal matters.

For a no obligation quote, call (855) 987-5342 Legal Express. A better way to do legal documents. 

Legal Express is registered, bonded and insured. We are not a law firm. We cannot give you legal advice or select forms for you. We provide document preparation services at your specific direction. LDA #550 Los Angeles County